Lennie's Projects

Receiver Projects

Eclairs Receiver

All Band Receiver

Weather Related

Portable Lightning Detector

Simple Lightning Detector

"Ball" Lightning Detector (lightning in a jar?)

Tomato Can Lightning Detector

X Clock Lightning Detector

Sferics Detector

Pocket Lightning Detector

Portable Electroscope

Atmospheric Disturbance Monitor

Solar Radiation Meter

Water Level Detector

Lightning Lights

Lightning Modulator

Test Equipment

Zener/SCR/Triac Tester

LED Tester

Power Supply

12 Volt Battery Backup

Infrared Detector

Construction Ideas

Desktop Protector (simple drilling backer)

Secure Wiring with Straws!

CD Jackets

Drawer Trays

Full Circle LED

Model Railroad Projects

Model Railroad Vacuum Cleaner This is an HO gage railroad track cleaner/vacuum car!

Model Railroad Camera Car

End of Train Flasher

Car Wraps

Track Cleaner

LED Strobe Light

Miscellaneous Projects and Files

Ghost Detector

Electronic Christmas Tree

Solar Battery Charger

Electronic Doorbell

Color Organ

Audio Amplifier

Fold-up Communities: Card Village & Neapolis (large files)


Hexagon Patio Form

Nesting Box

Lennies Top 10 Lists

Cyprus Highway Code

Santa Challenges

Lennie's Castaway Island

Poke through the jetsam and driftwood to find pieces of projects, the random schematic or photograph. An unexpected treasure might inspire your next adventure.

LED Layouts for CDs

Charcoal Starter

Create Customized Print Drivers

Laundry Chute

Make Your Own Greeting Cards

Measuring Spoons

Paper Cabinet

Ring Pole


Sled Kite

Handy Chart

Meter PCB

Bird Go Round

Lighthouse clock