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The Latest Experiment


Electronics/ Electricity

bulletElectrostatics Tutorial
bulletPicoampere Leakage Tester
bulletFun With Ion Chambers and Page 2 featuring resistive feedback circuits.
bulletGeiger Counter Circuits
bulletX-ray Defender
bulletNeon Bulb Quench Circuit - can a NE-2 be used to detect radiation?
bulletThe Sid Seizer monitors the ionosphere.

Science Fair Ideas

Secret Science Projects

bulletSolar Activity and Isotope Decay Rate - nothing seen with americium (alpha emitter)
bulletProphylactic Effect of Second Hand Smoke - this might cause a 'stink'.
bulletUFO's Explained - For the Most Part

Silly Science Articles

bulletSpeculative Science Topics
bulletChemtrails Revealed!
bulletGraphical "Proof" of Bell's Inequality
bulletGub Science

bullet Vector Politics

Random Facts

In US currency, a pound of dimes, quarters, and half-dollars in any combination is worth $20. They all weigh 0.008 oz. per penny of value. Nickels and pennies went Metric, weighing 5 grams and 2.5 grams, respectively. Go figure. So, here in the states, we carry around both English and Metric weight references in our pockets!