Chemtrails Revealed!

Photo Credit: US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Chemtrails are elements of a conspiracy theory that has the military dumping chemicals on the general population via high-flying jets. The web is replete with stories and photos. Most of it is silly. For example, many photos show suspicious hatch patterns that supposedly can't be explained except by intentional pattern flying. But a little thought will show that a north-east wind will blow condensation trails from repetitive crossings of north-south and east-west flight paths into a grid much the way an ink jet printer advances the paper while the print head stays on the same "flight path". The photo above shows a series of parallel trails that are, no doubt, due to wind pushing one trail aside before the next one is made.

But, one conspiracy argument does have a little merit. Most jet fuel is completely consumed, producing gases and water vapor. The warm water vapor will condense in the cold air and form thin clouds that will quickly disperse as the droplets evaporate. If conditions are just right, the clouds can linger. But it isn't obvious how little drops of water will trigger the formation of more drops of water. I doubt that little molecules of water look over and see the little droplets and think, "hey, that's a good idea". What is needed for these trails to grow is a source of nucleation sites or enough cloud to significantly cool the area directly beneath. An ordinary contrail is probably too small and free of potential nucleation sites to explain the growth. Cloud seeding involves the intentional distribution of chemicals like silver iodide that disperse nicely instead of clumping together, giving the water molecules in the supercooled vapor molecular-sized points around which to start crystal growth.

So, why do chemtrails grow? Here's my theory:

The amount of food and water in passengers' guts entering a plane is going to average the same amount as that leaving the plane. The passengers will have guts in various states of digestion when they embark and deplane. In fact, due to the growing unpopularity of airline food, it is quite likely that those leaving the plane will have, on average, less volume! But, for the sake of discussion, lets assume a zero-sum game. But, if one observes a plane being loaded for takeoff, one can see a rather large chrome container of food and drink being loaded onto the plane. Where does that additional mass go? If it simply accumulated in the plane, the plane would soon explode, creating a huge, peanutty mess. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where the additional mass goes. So I asked a jet scientist. He tells me that the bulk of the extra mass must end up in the airplane's waste holding tank with a little being accounted for by passenger perspiration (you know the ones) and the occasional barf bag.

Armed with binoculars, I made a special effort to observe a tank truck unloading the contents of the holding tanks of a few loading airplanes at the local airport. No such truck was observed. Security personnel don't like people closely observing anything, especially with binoculars.

As I rested over the edge of a table in a back room, having a body cavity examined, I had an epiphany. That's what I'm calling it, anyway. The word fragment, "chem" seemed to keep ringing a bell and, as I contemplated the lack of septic tank trucks, it came to me. I've seen that same word fragment associated with my RV's holding tank! The photo below shows the key parts of the labels of a few brands of holding tank deodorizers:

Notice anything? Coincidence? I doubt it. With names like "Campa-Chem" and "Chem-pace" is there any doubt of the relationship to chemtrails?

Every RV owner eventually discovers that not properly closing the holding tank valve results in a perpetually empty tank. That's not so bad for the gray water tank but one should be especially careful to secure the black water valve. But, it would be a convenient way to avoid those lines at the dumping station. Might the same thing be happening overhead? Perhaps it is just a vent that lets the incredible stench, I mean, "pleasant fragrance", of the deodorizer escape to seed the chemtrails.

That fragrance is the one component in these products that fits the bill perfectly as a chemtrail generator. An airborne fragrance must be designed such that the molecules don't clump together, but readily leave the solution and freely float away. (They also must smell "good" which really only means that they must smell stronger than sewage.) The characteristics that make these fragrances spread so effectively also make them good cloud seeding chemicals, at least in that one respect.

The present theory is that those growing chemtrails make visible the dispersion of the sickly-sweet fragrance of the deodorizer.

Fortunately, there is a practical solution:

Photo Credit: US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration