Ideas for Repair/Modification

Here is a random collection of repair ideas in no particular order. Hopefully, a search engine will lead you here if you have one of these problems! A fairly high level of technical expertise is assumed.

Stanford Research SR760

(or possibly other SRS instrument) need a new display? Here's what I did.

HP 8590A Power Supply Replacement

If you have an H-P 8590A spectrum analyzer with a failed power supply, you may have encountered difficulty in finding a replacement. As it turns out, a Power One   ( MAP110-4015 supply with slight modifications will fill the bill. First, move the grey wire on the three pin power connector (J1) in the 8590A to the opposite end of the connector (from pin 1 to pin 3). Confirm that this applies power to the proper pins on the power supply (pins 2 & 3). Next, remove the plug in the 15 pin connector (J2) in the 8590A (pin 12). Move the brown wire on this connector from pin 14 to pin 12. Remove the mounting bracket from the old supply and drill new holes to accomodate the new power supply mounting holes. Mount the new supply on the bracket and install in the analyzer. CAUTION: The new supply's heat sinks are at different potentials and should not touch each other or anything else. In other words, don't mount the old metal plate with the pinout markings on these heatsinks by drilling holes in the heatsinks! Turn on the power and say, "wow!" The "POR"  or "P.F." pin was not moved from pin 15 to pin 10 because compatability was unknown and the analyzer was working without it.

M-Audio Microtrack recorder keeps eating batteries.

"Hacking" a TiVo Series 2

I "hack" a Series 2 to pieces to use the chassis for something else.

Having trouble with a Dataq DI-145 and amaseis? Try selecting the DATQ155 in the device list.

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