Happiness Test

Gauge your happiness by answering these 20 questions! (Count the "yes" answers.)

1) When I first awake in the morning I immediately start thinking about my day.

2) I rarely think about my life's problems spontaneously but rather need a triggering reminder.

3) I rarely make it through lists like this one.

4) Me neither. So, there's like sixteen questions left. Let me think.

5) So, what's your favorite movie?

6) I'd choose 2001, A Space Odyssey, but for the ending.

7) Man, that would be a great movie with a better ending.

8) Did they even read the book? I don't remember the eye thing in the book.

9) Hey, why are small boats required to have a fire extinguisher?

10) I mean, you're floating in water.

11) It seems like you should just be required to carry an empty cup.

12) I was thinking of Outlaw Blues because it was filmed in Austin.

13) And the GT150 boat that went off the dam was identical to mine!

14) Still can't call it a favorite movie. It was pretty terrible.

15) The boat exploded when it hit the bottom of the dam, of course.

16) What are these people carrying around in their boats and cars?

17) Bad guys must have a thing for high explosives.

18) I've seen a couple of boat fires and the things burn right down to the water!

19) Man, it's been a while since I've been out to the lake.

20) Maybe that's why I don't feel all that happy.