Wenzel Associates thanks RF Design magazine for permission to reprint articles written by our engineers as they appeared in the magazine.

These magazine articles are in Acrobat .pdf format:

New Topology Multiplier Generates Odd Harmonics  This circuit uses four diodes to make odd-order frequency multipliers.
Low Frequency Circulator/Isolator Uses No Ferrite or Magnet This circuit employs fast op-amps to synthesize the function of a magnetic circulator or isolator.
New Oscillators Reach for Lower Noise  This article describes a new line of oscillators. (New at the time, anyway.)
A Low Power RF ID Transponder  This transponder uses patch antennas and a couple of diodes for the RF portion and a cheap microprocessor or other low-power modulator for the data.
Constant Reactance Voltage Controlled Oscillator  This "crvco" oscillator achieves very wide tuning range by saturating the inductor with a magnetic field, in addition to tuning a varactor.

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