Wenzel Associates thanks RF Design magazine for permission to reprint articles written by our engineers as they appeared in the magazine.

These magazine articles are in Acrobat .pdf format.

New Topology Multiplier Generates Odd Harmonics  This circuit uses four diodes to make odd-order frequency multipliers.
Low Frequency Circulator/Isolator Uses No Ferrite or Magnet This circuit employs fast op-amps to synthesize the function of a magnetic circulator or isolator.
New Oscillators Reach for Lower Noise  This article describes a new line of oscillators. (New at the time, anyway.)
A Low Power RF ID Transponder  This transponder uses patch antennas and a couple of diodes for the RF portion and a cheap microprocessor or other low-power modulator for the data.
Constant Reactance Voltage Controlled Oscillator  This "crvco" oscillator achieves very wide tuning range by saturating the inductor with a magnetic field, in addition to tuning a varactor.

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